what is the vga

What is VGA? What is The Graphics Card ?

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VGA Graphics Card or is a very important and responsible in handling the tasks and the information graphics photos, video. If you want to experience the vivid picture when watching Youtube videos, watching movies or playing games, the graphics card has a very important role to bring these experiences.

If you want to know what is VGA? (or what is the Graphics Card?) and its important role in how computers as well as PC, let alone learn in the content section below.

VGA has the full name is the Video Graphics Card that people often call with Vietnamese name is the Graphics Card. This is a device that is responsible for the processing of the tasks and the information about the photos, the videos in your computer.

The Department plays a crucial role to the power of the VGA that is processor GPU, full name is the Graphic Processing Unit. Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) which acts as the processor speeds and graphics processing to processors in the Center is the CPU.

Currently, NVIDIA and AMD/ATI is the 2 major GPU manufacturers and the largest in the world. NVIDIA’s GPU is often called the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), while AMD’s GPU/AT the other name is Video Processor Unit (VPU).

Classification graphics-VGA

Currently two types of VGA as the Onboard graphics Card Graphics Card and leave, details as follows:

1. Onboard graphics Card

The Onboard graphics Card is built-in on the motherboard (Mainboard is the English name) of your PC or Laptop. The onboard graphics card is usually the manufacturer of integrated right into the center of the computer’s processor (CPU), so that when the operation of the Onboard Card strength depends on the power of your CPU and Ram a lot.

The price of the barrel or prebuilt Laptop CPU only Onboard Card there is usually inexpensive and only suitable for those with the need to use your computer to surf the web, work the Office only.

2. Leave the Graphics Card

Basically, graphics card left the mission is similarly the Onboard Card but it was designed independently and more optimal for the processing of images and graphics. Characteristics of this card is that it is equipped with radiators and a GPU processing should so that its performance will be stronger if compared with the Onboard Card.

Because of the ability to handle better and to bring many more parts so the Graphics Card’s price left the usually quite high so the price of the barrel of your built-in CPU or Laptop has removable card is usually much higher than , up to several million if compared with the Onboard Card.

If you are a video editing, gaming or handling the image map, choosing a PC or Laptop Graphics Card left is required to have the ability to handle as well as the experience gets better when working or entertaining.

Above are the basics that you need to know about what is a VGA Graphics Card-what is it? Hopefully the article will answer are questions about existing parts in your computer and if you have the desire to buy or upgrade your graphics card to your computer