What is VGA? What is The Graphics Card ?

VGA Graphics Card or is a very important and responsible in handling the tasks and the information graphics photos, video. If you want to experience the vivid picture when watching Youtube videos, watching movies or playing games, the graphics card has a very important role to bring these experiences.

If you want to know what is VGA? (or what is the Graphics Card?) and its important role in how computers as well as PC, let alone learn in the content section below.

VGA has the full name is the Video Graphics Card that people often call with Vietnamese name is the Graphics Card. This is a device that is responsible for the processing of the tasks and the information about the photos, the videos in your computer.

The Department plays a crucial role to the power of the VGA that is processor GPU, full name is the Graphic Processing Unit. Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) which acts as the processor speeds and graphics processing to processors in the Center is the CPU.

Currently, NVIDIA and AMD/ATI is the 2 major GPU manufacturers and the largest in the world. NVIDIA’s GPU is often called the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), while AMD’s GPU/AT the other name is Video Processor Unit (VPU). Continue reading What is VGA? What is The Graphics Card ?

Download Hide Files for Android

Hide Files for Android application is help hide/remove the image, audio, video, audio and other files all in the Android device. When you see your device has been compromised, so can the data in your machine se yourselves out, this application will prevent that. You can install this application for Android.


Hide Files for Android protects your computer by creating a hidden group, makes the curious guys can not drawn the data in your computer, the file will be saved in the hidden folder “sdcard/hfile” for easy tracking. You may install and use the application without any difficulty. Continue reading Download Hide Files for Android

How To Print From Phone To Printer ?

PrinterShare Mobile Print for Android supports you to print directly from your phone to your personal printer, including nearby printing and remote printing. The advantage of the application is the support for a variety of printers, the ability to automatically search for printers to meet user needs, operate over 3G or wifi network is quite stable.

Continue reading How To Print From Phone To Printer ?

Alarms on Android Phones – Sleep Time

Sleep Time for Android is a utility that lets users set up alarms on their Android mobile device. The application is capable of performing sleep monitoring and analysis to alert the user at the time of sleep. As a result, you will get rid of discomfort and sleepiness to start work more excitement.

DOWNLOAD SLEEPTIME Continue reading Alarms on Android Phones – Sleep Time

Rescue deleted data, recover data with free Recoverit Free

In the last tutorial I’ve shared with you some free software very good support for the restore deleted data . And so far, the software that introduces and guides for you to still be wonderful, it still is the top choice for you.

Download the latest Free Recoverit software


However, if you are not eligible to buy the copyright for the software code that the use of free software is a perfect alternative. But to find out what free software is that good then again not everyone knows. Continue reading Rescue deleted data, recover data with free Recoverit Free

Download Animotica – Create a slideshow from images

Animotica is one of the currently available Windows application Store, just as the slideshow is both design solutions and effective video editing. Some of the main features of Animotica include creating slides, cut, photo, or add the audio track on videos.


Consider the features editor of video files, you can easily add effects, clips or audio tracks, as well as create a caption for the video by the written word, writing or the sticker. The advantage of Animotica is feature rich, meet many video editing style usually seen through the sticker emoji as more sticker with Christmas theme according to the festive season.

PhotoFilmStrip is also video, slideshow creator application from your image collection with support for many image formats, PhotoFilmStrip also allows to insert background music on videos, edit photos and add personal captions, video export to different formats AU to share over the network. Continue reading Download Animotica – Create a slideshow from images

Download Free Video Dub – Free video editing software

Free Video Dub offers specialized tools for video editing, deleting the video part does not want to without having to decode the video again. The software supports many input formats as well as the output and make sure the video quality will not be diminished following the process.


Free Video Dub gives the user a tool set professional video sea and strong. The software allows to delete the video part does not want to without having to decode the video again. The limit to decipher them for the quality of the video in no way impaired during processing, ensure the highest data integrity.

video free editing software Continue reading Download Free Video Dub – Free video editing software

Firefox updates for iOS adds new performance features

Today Mozilla just announced version browsers Firefox for iOS, version 12.1. Firefox updates for iOS adds new performance features, support users get the job done faster and easier.

Among the new performance features that Mozilla plugins in Firefox for iOS 12.1 the feature allows users to Open the menu on your browser and check if they have logging synchronous (Sync) or not yet, bookmark synchronization process , the password tab and more quickly.

firefox update Continue reading Firefox updates for iOS adds new performance features

Top 5 Best Free Blogging Sites 2018

Are you looking for websites to create free blogs?

1. WordPress

30% of websites on the Internet are using WordPress. Apparently WordPress is still the most popular platform to build any type of website, including blogs.

Fact, WordPress here including 2 different things: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.



WordPress is the blogging platform that individuals use most right now. This is because it is easy to set up and customize. You can create a blog in just minutes. Extremely simple setup process. You can choose a theme, add some page, and write a blog post.

With the plan for free, your blog:

  • Is the son of WordPress.com domain (e.g. yourblog.wordpress.com)
  • Show ads from WordPress.com

    In General, WordPress.com is perfect if you just want to blog for fun.

But if you want to make money from blogging, you will get to see how this is not suitable for the job.



WordPress.org or basically the solution to self host. Means that you buy the domain, cheap hosting, and install a free WordPress.

This whole process is slightly a bit complicated if you are newbie. But also not too hard if you are willing to spend the time learning more.

2. Blogger


Blogger is one of the oldest free blog today. Although its popularity has declined in recent years. It is a good platform for personal blogs, but it is not the best resource for professional use.

The blogger also works the same as with other blogging platforms: you need to create an account first to use it. Then you create a blog (pretty simple), you pick one of the default themes. Eventually you start blogging. This platform has the interface of Google + and nh editor like Word.

Blogger offers many themes to select, each again providing the different skins, advanced color filter and more gadget (widget). But not many advanced customization.

In General, the blogger has a simple interface options, so the focus is mainly focused on the writing section. Great point of this website is you get advertising space where you can place ads within your content

3. Medium


Consistent with those who just want to get started writing, searching of available readers approach, and doesn’t care to have his own website or not.

Medium is a multi-purpose platform refers to a variety of topics. On this anyone with an account can write to the blog.

Unlike other free blogging website, the biggest advantage of the Medium are:

  • Your article can be approached by a large number of readers because of platforms was 60 million readers visit each month. (this number continues to increase each year).
  • Medium uses cannot be simplified. You just sign up and start writing.

But the downside is obvious:

  • All of your content will reside on the Medium. This means that you are not building a space of yourself as you do with WordPress.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr match people who want to create content focused on images, brief and not interested in the function of a conventional website. Tumblr’s interface is quite simple. You can sign up and begin to post content that is not difficult.

In general the Tumblr platform is only for personal purposes. It is not a good solution if you want to build something that towards business here. Even so, it also allows you to show ads, use the link marketing and integrate your blog with Google Analytics.

5. Weebly

Weebly is a website builder like Wix. It provides the sidebar, media box, form, space advertising, social media, form buttons to collect emails, etc. With the free plan, you have 5 page customizable, domain, hosting, 500 MB and ad space.

If you’ve ever used any blogging platform free of charge on, please share your experiences in the comment section below.

GoodBye !!!