Find out and compare between Legacy BIOS and UEFI, GPT To MBR ( P1)

In the process Learn How to reinstall Windows or create USB Boot, you will often be the blog site mentioned the phrase Legacy and UEFI, GPT and MBR. So what is it and how it works on your computer? Should use UEFI and Legacy or MBR and GPT?

If you still don’t understand exactly how the Legacy and UEFI BIOS and the differences between them as to how between MBR and GPT? In this article, I will fully back the General information on this phrase as well as share personal experiences to help you can answer this questions is the best way.

Learn Legacy BIOS and UEFI?
The standard concept of the Legacy BIOS

Legacy BIOS or be referred to as the BIOS (Basic Input Output is System) was born in 1975. It is a software that is stored on your computer’s motherboard chips, the main function of this software is to guide running the hardware components to boot the OS on the computer.
When you open your computer, the BIOS start operation to check the hardware like Ram, the processor first, followed by the peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, printer, … then boot option, the order from CD-ROM drive , Hard disks, Lan, …

Standard concept about UEFI

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Download Hide Files for Android

Hide Files for Android application is help hide/remove the image, audio, video, audio and other files all in the Android device. When you see your device has been compromised, so can the data in your machine se yourselves out, this application will prevent that. You can install this application for Android.


Hide Files for Android protects your computer by creating a hidden group, makes the curious guys can not drawn the data in your computer, the file will be saved in the hidden folder “sdcard/hfile” for easy tracking. You may install and use the application without any difficulty. Continue reading Download Hide Files for Android

Increase memory capacity for iPhone – Storage Almost Full

You are using or have used iOS iPhone, iPad battery, then you will also see the status message device “Storage Almost Full”. Especially for those you own with storage 16 GB or even 32 GB.

Why “Storage Almost Full”?
With the development of the technology of the Camera, the image quality, the video also on becoming more severe with the application repository that is extremely rich on the AppStore is also the cause for your iPhone quickly runs out of capacity.

This message indicates that your device has already used up the volume and you will not be able to take pictures, download music, or even install a new application on the device

So how to increase the memory capacity of your iPhone then invite you to consult the way below. Continue reading Increase memory capacity for iPhone – Storage Almost Full

How To Print From Phone To Printer ?

PrinterShare Mobile Print for Android supports you to print directly from your phone to your personal printer, including nearby printing and remote printing. The advantage of the application is the support for a variety of printers, the ability to automatically search for printers to meet user needs, operate over 3G or wifi network is quite stable.

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Alarms on Android Phones – Sleep Time

Sleep Time for Android is a utility that lets users set up alarms on their Android mobile device. The application is capable of performing sleep monitoring and analysis to alert the user at the time of sleep. As a result, you will get rid of discomfort and sleepiness to start work more excitement.

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Download TablePro – Project Management

TablePro is a user support program management office jobs such as project management, management of the group. The user can handle, sort the data by a group list.

TablePro allows users to add data, edit them in the fastest time. Implementation to sort the data by each group work help for finding highly effective. Continue reading Download TablePro – Project Management

Download EssentialPIM Pro -Manager Performation Information Effectively

Essentialpim Pro is a program to give the user the tools useful in the management of personal information in a manner such as a transfer to the Outlook program.

Essentialpim Pro supports the use of different cards to be able to enter data about: work schedules, the need to perform, the customer’s email address, list of organizations and individuals. Therefore, you can enter all the information about his work on the program to be able to manage and track smoothly as well as to ensure the work is taking place smoothly. Continue reading Download EssentialPIM Pro -Manager Performation Information Effectively

Printer management in network with Network Aware Printing

Network Aware Printing is the management application default printer in the network, automatically change the default printer in the network are connected. Besides, the application also allows you to select the default printer for different network connections. Network Aware Printing suitable use in the Office environment often have many different printers and network.


Network Aware Printing creates an icon in the system tray and automatically zoom when not in use. From the menu of the application, you can easily block autorun for Windows, configure the settings and access the menu in the document. Continue reading Printer management in network with Network Aware Printing

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control – Support downloads data from the internet

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control download user support documentation files from the internet on your computer’s hard drive, the program may download speed quite fast, it is compatible with different languages on the windows operating system. In particular this programme supports ActiveX control so that the user can manage and download files easily.


You typically encounter many problems when downloading many files from the Internet as the network protocol does not support the language incompatibility, lack of control over the operating system or download Files that are too large. With DownloadX ActiveX Download Control, all these obstacles will be addressed. This is a great solution to download many applications from the browser. Continue reading DownloadX ActiveX Download Control – Support downloads data from the internet