How to Write YouTube Comments in Bold, Italics, Strikethrough

Make sure that when you walk on Youtube will find special characters such as the image below in the comment section.

If you want to write is formatted as a comment on Youtube or the Google social network + is also very simple. You can refer to the following tutorial:

How to write text in bold, italic, strikethrough in the Youtube Comments, G +

1/the Written Word in bold

Syntax: * enter the word im bold *

= > results: enter the letter in bold

2/text in italics

Syntax:  _ italic _

= > results:  italic

3/the word dash

Syntax: -enter the word dash-

= > results: enter the word dash

Share some more comment on other Youtube format

4/text in bold, italic medium medium

Syntax: * _ text bold italic medium medium _ *

= > results: enter the letter in bold italic medium medium

5/text in bold, medium medium horizontal

Syntax: *-just enter the letter in bold just dash-*

= > results: enter the word medium in bold just dash

6 / italic Text/strikethrough

Syntax: _- italic text strikethrough-_

= > results: enter the word medium in italics just dash

Mozilla developed a utility that helps users avoid being tracked by Facebook

Hello, I’m Lucifer

Recently, Mozilla has launched a new Firefox browser to help users control and secure their personal data on Facebook to reduce the possibility of being tracked while using.

This extension, called Facebook Container, will help you better protect your information when Facebook activities are put into a separate area of your browser, so Facebook will not be able to check or track your browsing history. What you’ve done and done on Facebook on Firefox.

As soon as this application has been successfully installed, Facebook Container will ask you to automatically log out of Facebook and log in again in a safer place. Shown through the blue Lock icon on the right.

Right now, if you are already using Firefox, you are advised to use this new extension from Mozilla in order to improve the security of your personal information.

To download the Facebook Container extension, please click on this link.

How to check the position of Hosting / Server?

Recently I saw a lot of people ask about Hosting or Server registration done unknown location location is placed where, Hong Kong, Singapore or US; whether there be change provider after registering?
A lot of you sign up for hosting in StableHost and Hawk Host location of Hong Kong and Singapore suspect IP address in the US should have contact thanks to her check back.
Its not the tool you use to check, but should remember is that the tools are not completely 100% accurate, only used for reference only.
According to my personal experience, to check the Hosting location or where the Server, can use Check-Host.netThis is a tool to check the position put the hostname or IP address is pretty accurate, use databases from 3 major sources include: DB-IP, IP2Location and MaxMind GeoLite2.

Results after the test will reveal the information by Country, next to which is the location on a map to track you. For example I will try with hosting has the location of Singapore:

Check with hostname, for all 3 results from SG

Check Location

Check with hostname, the first result US, 2 the latter is SG

Check with hostname, first results CA, 2 the latter is SG

In addition to the above tools, I or run traceroute to directly view the path of the packet from the computer to the IP address how and based on what route to take out the conclusion. On Windows (use cmd, the command tracert) or macOS (using Network Utility, Traceroute tab) are available for the tools you use.

For example run traceroute to IP Hosting in Hong Kong of the Hawk Host location, you can see route No. 11 and 12 to guess which location in HK:

How to Automatically Shut Down Your Computer ?

When you are in need of software downloads, video or blockbuster with high volume applications up to several GB or even a few dozen GB, you will need to hook the computer between the night or all day to load the data on.

The air hanging last November like maybe you have to spend more for your money pretty much because the computer still works although the finished files, such data. Moreover, it would be very time consuming if you wait the loading process this data.

One of the great features we have and are viewed as a rather more optimal air carriers certified award is that you can schedule automatic shutdown Windows, macOS or even Ubuntu from time to time specify. And in this article, I will detail the ways that can help the timer shutdown the Laptop, PC performance and with only a few simple operations.

Benefits of timed shutdown

  • You can save money on electricity for his family because avoided wasting power when your computer no longer works for the purpose.
  • You don’t need to watch to download the data on and then turn off the computer after finished.
  • Enhance the lifespan of equipment up more as not to air operations on this the other day as if you went suddenly busy.

The timer to automatically shut down your Windows PC 10

Usually, there will be 2 is quite simple to turn off your computer: use the command support in Windows via the Run or CMD and use other software to shutdown timer.

1. Use the Run tcommand o shutdown timer

o the timer automatically turns off the computer in the Window, you perform the following steps:

Go to Start = > Run (Windows + R) to open Run dialog on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7.


After that you enter on the command line or copy paste into the RUN dialog:

  • After 1 hour the computer will automatically shutdownshutdown -s -t 3600
  • After 1 hour the computer will automatically boot the machineshutdown -s -r 3600

3600 = 1 hour-2 hour = 7200, 14400 = 4 hours. See more time in the table below.

NO Time The command line
1 1 minutes shutdown-s-t 60
2 5 minutes shutdown-s-t 300
3 10 minutes shutdown-s-t 600
4 15 minutes shutdown-s-t 900
5 60 minutes shutdown-s-t 3600
6 2 hours shutdown-s-t 7200
7 4 hours shutdown-s-t 14400

To cancel the order and did not want to shut down your Windows, you enter the command to cancel:

  • Cancelled command: shutdown -a

shutdown -a

Explaining the shutdown command automatically:

  • -s means the Shutdown command.
  • -t is the time (time) in seconds, after that period, it will close the Windows.
  • -f means closing programs running without warning.

In case you want to turn off the computer now, click shutdown that kept it out of simple machine, you use the function:

shutdown /f /s /t 0
Note: You can use this to turn off the timer for all Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

2. Use the command line to shut down the computer

If you want to set auto turn off your computer, you can also use the Command Prompt.Command Prompt is used to make the commands are entered, most are used to automate these tasks through the command line to make running the Advanced Administration, troubleshooting and solving some kinds of certain issues of Windows.

To open the Command Prompt, type the command “command prompt” in the Search, and right click on the results to “Command Prompt”Select “Run as administrator” /.

When you select the “Run as administrator“, a User Account Control prompt will appear asking you to allow the Command Prompt changes to your computer. Click “Yes”.

Type the command “shutdown-s-t number” and press Enter on your keyboard to execute it.Replace “number” in order to number of seconds are required.

For example: 1200-in this case, the computer will automatically turn off after 120 seconds (2 minutes) or you can refer to the table on time.

3. Use the computer shutdown software


Come here, make sure you know the way to automatically timed shutdown Windows ? So where is the way that you use or do you know of any other way in getting more timed shutdown, do not forget to share with Lucifer in the comments below.

Wish you success!



Google Domains it entered the TOP 10 domain registrar top .com

At the end of the year 2017, Google Domains have standing in the top 10 who registered the domain name. COM the most on the Internet.

Google Domains are domain name registration services of Google, was officially released from the middle of the year 2014. However, but as of late last year, it had officially crossed the OVH and to stand firm in the top 10 and the other big names such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, Tucows or EIG.

List of top 10 domain registrar. COM as 31/12/2017 as follows:

ON Suppliers Total
1 GoDaddy 46,830,764
2 Tucows 15,578,73
3 EIG 8,006,707
4 6,666,853
5 HiChina 5,281,736
6 1&1 3,780,143
7 GMO 2,196,043
8 Xin Net Technology Corporation 1,653,909
9 Namecheap 1,469,175
10 Google Domains 1,391,333

Can stand in high positions along the big names as such, though understandable, I will try to list out a few personal comments for this growth.

The Department of Google Domains rise so strong because:

  • Google is great brand and reputation.
  • The registration process is fast, interface management domain full, simple, easy to use.
  • Domain name prices but not cheap but extremely pleasant, with it’s Free Lifetime features hidden information.
  • Support quick, enthusiastic.
  • The strong support by the campaign ads from Google.
  • Convenience in connecting with other services/products of Google.

Only one thing is somewhat confusing at present, Google Domains are still only allowed to register domain names with a duration of 1 year ideaDo you know why?!  Please leave your comments in the comment box

OVH datacenter opened Monday in the U.S., Discovery promotional Offer

So, after the opening of the first datacenter in the East Coast, OVH has quickly opened a second datacenter in the West Bank.

Position the second datacenter is located in the city of Hillsboro, Oregon. I have viewed the map of the sea cable then found the State had a lot to dock cable routes, expected for fast connection speed and stability from the Asia-Pacific region.

Seems after the investment, OVH is continuously open to add the new location to make your dreams of worldwide expansion.

Invite you to consult the promotion

All of which is the LIFE TIME. View details and register here.



Honor 7X Review: Huawei Nova 2i “Camouflage”

Having so much in common with the Nova 2i from its design, configuration, camera and software, the Honor 7X looks like a shortened version of Huawei’s “brother”.

Both Honor 7X and Huawei Nova 2i are 97% identical, from basic design to software, with just a little camera front and dual camera groups on the back. The two machines are similar because Honor is actually a Huawei brand, similar to Oppo’s onePlus brand.

So maybe Honor re-used Nova 2i and modified a little to create Honor 7X to sell the market. This reuse has the advantage of saving production costs and research, thereby reducing the cost of the product, but the bad is not new.

Two brothers Nova 2i and Honor 7X

The Honor 7X is designed with Nova 2i from solid metal, rough surface treatment, shell color or cornering angle, position of the antenna slot. Stylish front. Even on the back of Honor 7X there is information about the machine being made at Huawei’s factory, just like in Nova. The fingerprint sensor on the back is in the same position. This is a touch sensor once, always turn the screen to stand still and operate quite sensitive, accurate.

Different about the camera behind.
The same information on the place of product development.

Of course, Honor 7X is not 100% pure design from “brother” with a bit of detail. The biggest difference is that the dual cameras and the LED flash are angular rather than symmetrical in the middle of the body. These two cameras are separate, not continuous like Nova 2i, and still bulge out a bit without any optical flutter. The front of the Honor 7X also has two cameras and the LED flash is “twin brother”

Anyway, inheriting the plan from another product that shares the parent company is not something weird in the smartphone world. The Honor 7X still possesses all the power of finishing, handling like Huawei’s devices with seamless, seamless lines, with no gap between the screen and the bezel. The surface is solid, firm and well machined.


The difference between the screen parameters between Honor 7X and Nova 2i is very small and difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. According to Honor, the 7X has a 5.93-inch display (slightly larger than the 5.9-inch Nova 2i screen), with a resolution of 2160 x 1080 in Full HD + and 18: 9. Honor 7X is also available. As a Full Screen View with a relatively thin bezel, the screen ratio / frame is 77%, but still far superior (Galaxy S8). has a screen ratio of 84%).



The quality of the screen is equivalent to Nova 2i with brightness, beautiful view in the sun, regardless of angle, wide color in the direction of nature. Limitations of the Nova 2i screen, such as low brightness, are clearly visible when white content is displayed, and when the screen is off, gridlines continue to appear on Honor 7X.

Software and performance

Not only hardware design, Honor 7X also has no software other than Huawei’s hardware. Still version of EMUI 5.1 based on Android 7.0, all system icons, software features are equivalent. Honor 9 Lite or some new Huawei machines in Vietnam such as Nova 3e, Y7 Pro 2018 have been installed EMUI 8.0 based on Android 8 should be quite confusing when Honor 7X is still using the old version EMUI.

The same information on the place of product development.

Honor 7X does not have Face Unlock or AR Selfie like Nova 2i. Anyway, these are all software updates so it’s possible that Honor’s device will soon be added

In terms of performance, hardware configuration is probably the most common between the two devices of Huawei and Honor using the same HiSilicon chip. The Kirin 659 includes eight Cortex-A53 cores (four 2.36GHz cores for laptops heavy and 4GHz 4GHz for lightweight duty) is developed by Huawei itself, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory along with a 256 GB maximum memory slot, 3340 mAh battery and dual SIM support. 4G LTE connection.

Ratings from familiar performance metrics such as AnTuTu, Geekbench and GFX Bench of Honor 7X are comparable or slightly better than recent Nova 2i and Nova 3e, but significantly lower than phones. Snapdragon 625 chip as Xiaomi Mi A1 or Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus. At points of AnTuTu, Honor 7X goes far beyond Nova 2i due to the new AnTuTu v7, 15-15% higher than Antutu v6. Nova 2i on the new version of AnTuTu also reached the same point, more than 70,000 points.

The GFX Bench in the Manhattan test measures the graphics performance of the CPU at full-HD resolution (offscreen) and the actual resolution of the device (onscreen).

In actual use, 659 Kirin chips combine 4GB of RAM with enough power to handle relatively fast and multitasking with basic tasks, applications and lightweight games. However, the phone is still a Nova 2i-like state when playing heavy graphics games like Asphalt 8. Generally the Snapdragon 625 has a better user experience than the 659.

Play the game on Honor


Similar to other hardware, though the design is somewhat different, the main camera behind the Honor 7X still inherits all of Nova 2i’s parameters with a dual camera cluster consisting of a 16MP main camera, aperture f 2.2, 1 / 2.9 “, 1 / 2.9-inch, 1-megapixel camera and 2-megapixel camera to capture the depth of field to edit the background.

The front camera of the Honor 7X has a single 8MP camera, not a dual camera like the Nova 2i

However, the front camera of the Honor 7X has only a single camera resolution of 8MP f / 2.0 aperture, focal 27mm compared to the dual camera system 13MP + 2MP on Nova 2i although still allows the font to be deleted.

The camera interface, optional modes, or advanced settings are identical to those of other Huawei smartphones. Compared to other manufacturers, mid-range and high-end phones from Huawei and Honor are now considered to be the most diverse. In addition to the camera’s specific features with double-layer clearing and portrait, Honor 7X as well as Nova 2i also have other popular modes such as HDR, panorama, night, fast forward, slow motion to Weird, like drawing by light, dish or document scanned … Speed, focus, save images pretty fast. It also features automatic watermarking  on images.