Download TablePro – Project Management

TablePro is a user support program management office jobs such as project management, management of the group. The user can handle, sort the data by a group list.

TablePro allows users to add data, edit them in the fastest time. Implementation to sort the data by each group work help for finding highly effective. Continue reading Download TablePro – Project Management

Download EssentialPIM Pro -Manager Performation Information Effectively

Essentialpim Pro is a program to give the user the tools useful in the management of personal information in a manner such as a transfer to the Outlook program.

Essentialpim Pro supports the use of different cards to be able to enter data about: work schedules, the need to perform, the customer’s email address, list of organizations and individuals. Therefore, you can enter all the information about his work on the program to be able to manage and track smoothly as well as to ensure the work is taking place smoothly. Continue reading Download EssentialPIM Pro -Manager Performation Information Effectively

Rescue deleted data, recover data with free Recoverit Free

In the last tutorial I’ve shared with you some free software very good support for the restore deleted data . And so far, the software that introduces and guides for you to still be wonderful, it still is the top choice for you.

Download the latest Free Recoverit software


However, if you are not eligible to buy the copyright for the software code that the use of free software is a perfect alternative. But to find out what free software is that good then again not everyone knows. Continue reading Rescue deleted data, recover data with free Recoverit Free

Printer management in network with Network Aware Printing

Network Aware Printing is the management application default printer in the network, automatically change the default printer in the network are connected. Besides, the application also allows you to select the default printer for different network connections. Network Aware Printing suitable use in the Office environment often have many different printers and network.


Network Aware Printing creates an icon in the system tray and automatically zoom when not in use. From the menu of the application, you can easily block autorun for Windows, configure the settings and access the menu in the document. Continue reading Printer management in network with Network Aware Printing

Blocking any site by File Hosts on Windows

If in your family have more children regularly use the Internet and you always check that his child was viewed or accessed on the how website through Web browser history. And if you want to block a Website with which to prevent your child access to the tips using File Hosts in Windows will help you make a Website blocking any that you want quickly.

Use File Hosts to block any Website

Step 1: You need access to the Windows Hosts File contained through the path:

Tip: for quick access, you only need to open the Run command (Windows + R keyboard shortcut combinations). Then Paste the path into the window Run >> Enter

Continue reading Blocking any site by File Hosts on Windows

The minimum system requirements for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10

When installing Windows for your PC or Laptop, then one of the common questions that people wonder and finding that “Whether your computer can run Windows 7, version 8.1 Windows or Windows 10 new best or not?”.

If you are still wondering about this issue, the article that I share below will tell you what is the minimum configuration to run the Windows version will also give the configuration requirements of Microsoft and all of his personal experience after the few times made computer upgrades. Continue reading The minimum system requirements for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control – Support downloads data from the internet

DownloadX ActiveX Download Control download user support documentation files from the internet on your computer’s hard drive, the program may download speed quite fast, it is compatible with different languages on the windows operating system. In particular this programme supports ActiveX control so that the user can manage and download files easily.


You typically encounter many problems when downloading many files from the Internet as the network protocol does not support the language incompatibility, lack of control over the operating system or download Files that are too large. With DownloadX ActiveX Download Control, all these obstacles will be addressed. This is a great solution to download many applications from the browser. Continue reading DownloadX ActiveX Download Control – Support downloads data from the internet

Download Animotica – Create a slideshow from images

Animotica is one of the currently available Windows application Store, just as the slideshow is both design solutions and effective video editing. Some of the main features of Animotica include creating slides, cut, photo, or add the audio track on videos.


Consider the features editor of video files, you can easily add effects, clips or audio tracks, as well as create a caption for the video by the written word, writing or the sticker. The advantage of Animotica is feature rich, meet many video editing style usually seen through the sticker emoji as more sticker with Christmas theme according to the festive season.

PhotoFilmStrip is also video, slideshow creator application from your image collection with support for many image formats, PhotoFilmStrip also allows to insert background music on videos, edit photos and add personal captions, video export to different formats AU to share over the network. Continue reading Download Animotica – Create a slideshow from images

Download Free Video Dub – Free video editing software

Free Video Dub offers specialized tools for video editing, deleting the video part does not want to without having to decode the video again. The software supports many input formats as well as the output and make sure the video quality will not be diminished following the process.


Free Video Dub gives the user a tool set professional video sea and strong. The software allows to delete the video part does not want to without having to decode the video again. The limit to decipher them for the quality of the video in no way impaired during processing, ensure the highest data integrity.

video free editing software Continue reading Download Free Video Dub – Free video editing software

Download EarthView – View a map of the Earth, satellites

EarthView is a compact and simple tools to help you see the left picture it in multiple angles, time, images and different colors. With this utility, users can see the beautiful backdrop of our planet with the Sun during the day, the dark night with the best picture quality.


EarthView allows users to see images of the Earth in the format map and globe with details on the featured areas such as municipalities, major cities, the effect the weather forecast as rain clouds, Sunshine , snow, fog, natural images such as green vegetation, forests, oceans, …

The new improvement of EarthView 5.5.7:

– Version 5.5.7 update data of the cities, a new geography for the world

–  Improve the quality of the picture show

The program supports various map types of Earth as a map, 2D satellites with more vivid colors interface. You can also look in the zoom mode screen or Zoom in or out each specific location.

EarthView also offers features that make computer wallpaper settings for each different image of Earth, protection mode configuration screen by the determined parameters for the day or night mode, smoothing, color change. Earth images have higher resolution and can be adjusted to the quality of the user.

The main features of EarthView:

Support to see the image of the Earth.

EarthView is known as a favorite for those who love geography and explore the Earth in the macro range. You can view the show globe and map Earth panorama or each area is specified. The program offers the view day and night with different interfaces. The user is also easy to adjust the visibility and the density of the urban area, select brightness, contrast and color, sunlight … even thickness and the color of the clouds.

Decorate and protect the screen.

EarthView has the ability to turn the Earth into the beautiful wallpaper, are constantly changing and set the protection mode of computer screen. The user can also let the program launch with Windows each time using the computer to save time. The software uses a small amount of system resources and is compatible with many operating systems.