Increase memory capacity for iPhone – Storage Almost Full

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You are using or have used iOS iPhone, iPad battery, then you will also see the status message device “Storage Almost Full”. Especially for those you own with storage 16 GB or even 32 GB.

Why “Storage Almost Full”?
With the development of the technology of the Camera, the image quality, the video also on becoming more severe with the application repository that is extremely rich on the AppStore is also the cause for your iPhone quickly runs out of capacity.

This message indicates that your device has already used up the volume and you will not be able to take pictures, download music, or even install a new application on the device

So how to increase the memory capacity of your iPhone then invite you to consult the way below.

First: Check the amount of memory

First: check the amount of memory

You need to open the application Settings >> General >> Storage & iCloud Usage. Under the Storage card you will know that how much available memory as well as the details of the application are occupied memory. (It may take a few minutes to complete the test equipment).

Knowing the application would constitute the amount how much of memory will help you have a better overview of the increase iPhone memory.

Also the capacity but “Storage Almost Full”

If you’ve checked out the page in step on and know that the device is still pretty much blank space but the message still appears, you can try here.

Step 1: Restart the iPhone, press the hold button Power (the top of the iPhone) in several paper and tap the “Slide to Power Off”. Then, press the Power button again to restart the device.

Step 2: Check out the latest update of the iOS, select Settings > General > Software Update. Select the update if there are any new version would appear here.

Most of the capacity but “Storage Almost Full”

First to avoid the error, you should backup your iPhone via iTunes on a Mac or PC and proceed with the following steps.

1. Transfer the data to your computer or Online
If you are using a regular Camera, full capacity soon, the thing is to be able to retain this moments then you need to move them to the memory of the computer or use the free Online Storage service like iCloud (5 GB) , Dropbox, Google Drive, … In addition, you can also buy the external memory device for the iPhone.

2. Delete the “Recently Deleted”
Recently Deleted is a feature be added to Apple iOS in 2014, features works like the Recycle Bin in Windows or Trash on the Mac.

That is, when you delete photos, video from the Photo app, they will be moved here. Yes! You can easily restore these images, videos removed but on the other hand misses them will constitute a lot of storage if you do not clean this directory.

Selected Photos and select Scissors >> >> Albums the icon has Recently Deleted. Finally, select the Delete All button in the left corner.

3. Remove unused applications
This is also a very significant quota increase by will definitely have some application that once installed, you just “touched” to them a few times.

You can quickly see the amount of applications that need deleting as steps above, General >> Storage >> Settings & iCloud Usage. Then, return to the main screen tap and hold it until it appears the sign X in the left corner. Select it and select the forward Delete (Delete) to remove the application from the device.

4. Delete the Cache of your browser Safari
If the regular use of the Chrome or Safari browser to surf the Web, then surely the browser will store your browsing history and other data. You can go to Settings, Privacy & Security >> >> >> Safari Select Clear History and Website Data.

5. Set to automatically delete old messages

automatically delete old messages

The hoarding large amounts of message on the device will also constitute a non-trivial amount of memory. With iOS 8 then you can delete the old messages from time to time. In Settings > Messages > Keep Message, choose 30 days or 1 year.

6. Turn off My Photo Stream

This tip applies only to those you have already logged on iCloud. My Photo Stream is feature automatically downloads the new image and sync with other devices using the same iCloud via Wifi. Have to say this is quite handy in storing and quickly see the image, video but it takes up quite a lot of air.
You need on the Settings > > Photos > iCloud Touch the blue button to deactivate it.

7. cleaning the Cache iTune

Every time you download a song or movie, then the application files are stored in the cache that iTunes manages. Therefore, they can constitute a significant wage content over time.

To clean the cache, you only need to sign out of the iTunes and sign in again. How to do this on your iPhone? Simply on the Settings > App Store & iTunes, select the Apple ID account and click the “Sign Out“. In the end, proceed to login again.

Over here is the way that can help you increase the capacity and iPhone page appears the message “Storage Almost Full”, hopefully the article know will be useful to you.