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How to enable the Dark Mode interface on Windows 10 and macOS

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Dark Mode is no longer something alien to today’s users when YouTube has Dark Mode for their interface long, in the latest version of macOS is Mojave , Apple has also added Added Dark Mode interface for Macbook and Microsoft has also equipped Dark Mode for Windows in Windows version 10 October Update in the last official release.

Myself did not like Dark Mode very much, but since upgraded from MacOS High Sierra to MacOS Mojave on Macbook and use Dark Mode interface for more than a week. I decided to use Dark Mode as the default interface on both Macbook and Windows.

I read newspapers and blogs with white background as usual, after a period of 1-2 hours, the eyes fall into the state of blurred and the feeling is quite dazzling after. However, with the Dark Mode interface it seems that everything is better with me.

If you are still wondering how to enable the Dark Mode interface on Windows 10 and macOS , please see the tutorial below.

How to enable the Dark Mode interface on Windows and macOS
Enable Dark Mode on Windows 10
First, right-click on the Start button and select Settings >> Personalize . Or you can quickly find Personalize in the search bar on the Windows 10 Taskbar.

win 10 taskbar

Next, select Colors in the left corner, then select Dark in the Choose your default app mode .

black background win 10

Immediately, the interface of Windows 10 will be transferred to the black background, including File Explorer, Taskbar, ….

Turn Dark Mode on macOS
On the Macbook, select the Apple icon >> System Preferences … >> select General.

System Preferences

In the Appearance box, select Dark.

Then, the interface of macOS will change with the black background completely.

Personally I like the Dark Mode interface on macOS more because many applications in sync with this interface should feel much more comfortable. Applications such as Safari, Notes, … are very harmonious with Dark Mode interface with black background. In addition, many Mac applications have started to support this interface, such as CleanMyMac X or Ulyssess, …