Download Hide Files for Android

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Hide Files for Android application is help hide/remove the image, audio, video, audio and other files all in the Android device. When you see your device has been compromised, so can the data in your machine se yourselves out, this application will prevent that. You can install this application for Android.


Hide Files for Android protects your computer by creating a hidden group, makes the curious guys can not drawn the data in your computer, the file will be saved in the hidden folder “sdcard/hfile” for easy tracking. You may install and use the application without any difficulty.

Simpler than the Group hide can unhide only with a simple click, quick so not difficult bit, so you can use this in your applications. This application is useful for you to hide important files, your privacy without fear of anyone drawn.

With its own features, Hide Files application with Android devices, simple, easy to use, convenient but completely free is what you will see when using this application.

Features of Hide My Files for Android:

– Helps hide your important files.
– Protect your from these guys drawn..
– Very easy to use
– Installation and use easy with Android devices.
Some of the other images in the Hide Files for Android