What is Dofollow and Nofollow? Effect in SEO

What is a backlink?

Backlink is a link (link) pointing from other websites on your website. For example, a web page A contains a link pointing on site B, then site B getting a backlink from A website.

Backlink occupies a very important role in the SEO side of content (Content). The old days, as many backlink pointing on the website then that website as achieving high rankings on Google. The SEOer Black Hat (black hat) takes advantage of this that plowing link on the Forum, go to backlink bluff point on site.

However, the search engine Google increasingly smart and it began grading for quality backlink. Backlink from a website has good content will quality over the abusive website and the Mission of the SEOer now that’s created the backlink, backlink to avoid bad quality, not simply created lot of backlink. Many cases have to block the malicious backlink by opponents pointing on her website.

Backlink is divided into 2 main types which are Nofollow and Dofollowbacklink. The question is that we should use the backlink and how to use it best. But first we need to distinguish the Dofollow and Nofollow?

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The TOP 10 most purchased themes WordPress

If you want to create for yourself the Professional WordPress website then you have to think to buy a suitable theme. Currently in the world there are many WordPress theme providers launched thousands of different theme with a beautiful interface, customize flexible and very easy to use.

The TOP 10 most purchased themes WordPress

1. Adam

Adam not only has an interface that has up to near 40 different interface appropriate to the different themes spoiled for you to choose from. Adam built from HTML5 and CSS3 guarantee performance at optimal levels. Continue reading The TOP 10 most purchased themes WordPress

Top 3 software to create Web simple Localhost Webserver

Create a Web page from localhost are basic steps to help you form 1 from the site initially directly on Windows, macOS or Linux. By default, the operating system will not support this work so you need to install additional software to create a Webserver from third parties on the computer are used.

Why to create a server on Window or Linux?

The source code of the current Website, almost all written in PHP & MySQL. That is the cause of shields you from installing the software to create the webserver integrated more available Apache, PHP, MySQL, FTP Server, Mail Server and tools such as phpMyAdmin.

These tools would create the most common Webserver?

Currently, there are many tools that can help you create easy Webserver on the Window like Xampp, Wamp, Appserver, …. These tools are pretty much known and used.



The program created a Web server (Web Server) of Apache, PHP, MySQL, FTP Server, Mail Server and tools such as phpMyAdmin. Unlike Appserv, Xampp has a pretty nifty program, allowing the initiative to turn off or restart the server services at any time.

The application is installed from the XAMPP

Apache 2.4.4
MySQL 5.6.11
PHP 5.5.3
phpMyAdmin 4.0.4
FileZilla FTP Server 0.9.41
Tomcat 7.0.42 (with mod_proxy_ajp as connector)
Strawberry Perl Portable
XAMPP Control Panel 3.2.1 (from hackattack142)
You can download xampp : Link

2. Wampserver

WampServer is a web development environment on Windows. It allows you to create web applications with Apache, PHP and MySQL database. It also comes with PHPMyAdmin to easily manage your databases.

WampServer installs automatically (Installer), and its usage is very intuitive. You will be able to adjust your server without touching the settings file.


Apache: 2.4.4
MySQL: 5.6.12
PHP: 5.4.16
PhpMyAdmin: 4.0.4
SqlBuddy: 1.3.3
Xdebug: 2.2.3
You can download Wampserver here.

3. Webserver

AppServ is a full package of Apache, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin. Phanupong Panyadee’s ideas are taken (the founder of «AppServ-in Thailand) after seeing the complexity of each management software make people dizzy. AppServ installation very simple just take time of about 1 minute.

Apache 2.2.4
PHP 5.2.3
MySQL 5.0.45
You can download AppServ here

In summary: this is the 3 tools that already exist, as well as a long life time. Depending on the needs and preferences, you can select 1 of the software to create localhost on.

Wish you success!

How to Fix Add Media Button Not Working in WordPress

Recently one of our users reported that the ‘Add Media’ button on their WordPress site has suddenly stopped working. This problem does not display any error or warning which leaves users clueless about why their ‘Add Media’ button is not working. In this article, we will show you how to easily fix the ‘Add Media’ button not working issue in WordPress.

Fixing Add Media Button Not Working Issue in WordPress

The quick fix is to add the following code to your wp-config.php file. You can do this by editing wp-config.php file and adding this code just before the line that says ‘That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging’.

This code simply tells WordPress to load each script separately which helps avoiding a JavaScript conflict with buggy scripts and the core WordPress features. After you have added the code, go ahead and the visit post edit screen to see if the add media button is working as expected.

Note: Adding this code is not a proper long-term solution because you still have a script that is causing the issue. An easier way to find the source of the problem is by using the inspect tool. It will show you console errors which can lead you to the source of the conflict.

If you want a long-term fix for this issue, then you need to perform the basic WordPress troubleshooting tips to figure out which plugin or theme may be causing the issue.

We strongly recommend that you do this on your staging site instead of a live site. Here’s a step by step guide on how to create a WordPress staging site. All the best WordPress hosting companies like Bluehost, SiteGround, WP Engine, and Liquid Web offer 1-click staging functionality.

On your staging site, you need to start by deactivating all your WordPress plugins and then check if it fixed the ‘Add Media’ button. If it does, then this means one of the plugins was causing the issue.

You can now activate the plugins one-by-one, and after activating a plugin check the ‘Add Media’ button. This will help you find out which plugin is causing the issue. After you find the culprit, you can replace it with another plugin or ask plugin author for help.

If deactivating plugins doesn’t solve the issue, then the next step is to temporarily switch to a default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen.

If switching to the default theme fixes the issue for you, then this means your theme is causing the conflict. You can ask theme author for support or switch to a different WordPress theme.

Once you find the source of the problem on your staging site, then you can apply the fix on your live WordPress site. We hope this article helped you learn how to fix add media button not working in WordPress.

Source: wpbeginner.com

Top 5 best free wordpress themes 2018

Here are the top 5 free wordpress theme best free today. As these are versatile themes, you will spend more time getting to know the various features of them.



Flash is a free WP themes with many interesting features to create great websites. Flash offers many advanced customization features as well as professional design for a modern website. The gadget will come with a plugin called ‘Flash Toolkit’ which is specially created to make the Flash themes friendly and easy. It’s easier. There are 11 custom widgets in the Flash Toolkit that you can drag and drop easily, rearrange and customize using the Page Builder plugin. You can also import a demo provided by the developer.


  • Full responsive design
  • Flash Toolkit and Page Builder
  • Many blog layouts
  • Header variety and modern
  • WooCommerce compatibility



If you are looking for a simple yet powerful WordPress template, Suffice is the solution. This is a free WordPress theme built with a proprietary plugin called ‘Suffice Toolkit’ and integrated with Page Builder by SiteOrigin. The Suffice Toolkit contains a number of custom widgets that you can easily drag and drop, combine, and design pages, posters. In short, this is a great WordPress drag and drop theme that offers simple and full features.


  • WP Theme supports great drag drop
  • Responsive design
  • Import demo interface with 1 click
  • Compatible with WooCommerce



Spacious is one of the best free WordPress themes – with over 80,000 installs. It has a promising design and powerful features that allow you to create elegant websites with ease. This is a versatile theme that can be used for a variety of websites including business, portfolio, blog, reseller, landing page, etc.


  • Highly customizable and easy to use
  • Beautiful business template
  • Over 5 customizable
  • Widgets Full color management



Hestia is a free WordPress theme with material design. It is suitable for creating different types of websites including business, corporate website, eCommerces, etc. The Hestia theme works well with SiteOrigin’s plugin page builder, which allows you to create great landing pages instantly and easily. Theme entirely based on the default Customizer tool of WordPress allows you to customize almost anything with real time previews in real time.


  • Responsive Multi-functional
  • Theme for free Great design based on Material Kit
  • Theme is SEO friendly
  • Compatible with all popular Plugins in WordPress
  • Mega Menu



Talon is a powerful WP theme designed beautifully. This theme is suitable for corporate websites, businesses or agencies, in fact any kind of website. It offers high customization capabilities so you can create an impressive product / service page. Plus, it comes with a powerful Page Builder plugin from Site Origin. You can drag and drop items to create a nice business page with this plugin.


  • Responsive design
  • Google fonts
  • Many beautiful layouts
  • Many options for Header

12 Signs That Tells You Your WordPress Site Is Hacked!

12 signs that WordPress Website hacked – Is the owner of a website/blog, we often pay attention to the security of the website. Always look forward to the website in the most secure State.

12 signs that WordPress Website hacked

1. Traffic Website

If you look at the Google Analytics reports and see traffic falling dramatically, then this could be the sign that your WordPress Website was attacked.

There are a lot of malware and trojans on your network to help colonize the traffic to your site and redirect it to the spam site. Another reason prompting the sudden reduction of traffic tools is Google’s safe browsing, can warn users that your website is not safe. And of course with this announcement no one visiting your website again.

Each week, Google will list about 20,000 web pages about malicious software and about 50,000 phishing page. That is the reason why every blogger and business owners are to pay attention to their WordPress Website security.

If you are a WordPress website hacked doubters. Check the status of the website safe browsing Google to view reports for your website.

2. “Bad links” added to your Website

One of the most common signs when WordPress website being hacked is the insertion of hidden data. The hacker created a backdoor on your site, allow them access to modify the files and your WordPress database.

The Bad link was added to your Website

Most of us usually being redirected to spam sites, xxx. Usually these links are added to the end of your site, but really could be anywhere. If you have found the link to this dirty and you delete them then don’t make your website secure.

You will need to find and repair the backdoor used to add this data to your site.

3. Website is reported fraud

This is probably one of the most obvious signs for the WordPress website hacked. If you see this message on the home page, then obviously your website already infected with malicious code quite a long time. By most of the hacking always want to use the resources on your website and you do not want to detect.

However, some hackers may damage your web site to announce that it has been attacked. The hackers so often replace your homepage with their message, “E: hackers by. …”  And a number of other possible ransom if your website has a high value.

4. You can not login to WordPress

If you can not log in to your WordPress site, then there is a chance that hackers may have deleted your administrator account from WordPress.

Because the account does not exist, you will not be able to reset your password from the login page. There are other ways to add administrator account from phpMyAdmin or through FTP . However, your site will not be safe until you find out how hackers invade your site

5. Multiple user accounts in this website that you do not know

If your website allows users to register and you don’t use any spam registration protective measures are the user accounts that you do not know it can be a normal spam account.

To check: You go to admin > Users

However, if your website is not allowed for registration and you notice there is a new user account, then your site can be attacked. Usually the suspicious account will have administrator user role, and in some cases, you cannot delete it from your WordPress admin area.

6. Folders and files are not defined on the server

If you are using the Privacy plugin functions Scanner, then it will alert you when it finds a file or script is not defined on your server

To check the WordPress website hacked in this manner does not then you need to access the FTP. A source of clean Ministry website sure you already know, if you take up vague wordpress.org download see lightning.

This strange files can appear anywhere and usually most concentrated in the folder/wp-content/and its subdirectories.

And of course, the strange file will also be hackert named as WordPress files so you are not found out. So you need to note when check and backup before deleting any files

7. Slow or unresponsive

All the web sites on the Internet could become the victims of the attacks distributed denial of service (DDoS-attack-Distributed Denial Of Service). So don’t be surprised when your WordPress website is new, you use the Theme and Plugin genuine copyright still been drawn hacker. This attack uses some of your computer being attacked and the servers from around the world that use IP masquerading. Sometimes they just send too many requests to your server, sometimes they’re actively trying to penetrate into your web page.

Attaced website ddos

Any activity of the denial of service attack will make your website slow, unresponsive. You need to check your server logs to see which IP are sending too many requests and immediately block that Ip. If you do not know well about this, please ask your host provider supports.

8. Unusual activity in server logs

Server logs are pure text files stored on your web server – Logs File. These files record all errors occur on your server as well as all of your internet traffic.

You can find the log file in the /public_htm/l for hosting, and for dedicated server (VPS/Dedicated) then you open the configuration file with domain are faulty you will see lines declare the log and trace the path that opens up. If the user Shared Host you could not find the log file then please send support to the Technical Department for them to seek help.

If no file error_log, you open the file wp-config.php and look for:

This page false into true and save again. The Log File can help you see what is happening when the WordPress Website hacked. It also records all the IP addresses used to access your website. From there you can block suspicious IP.

9. Don’t send or can not receive Email in website

Note: If the earlier right from your website was not able to send and receive e-mail, you configure SMTP for WordPress.

spam wordpress

The server was attacked is usually used for spam. Most hosting providers will give you a free email account comes with your hosting. And many of you still use host’s Hosting mail to send and receive Email for website. If you can’t send or receive email WordPress, then it is likely that your mail host’s attack to send email spam.

10. The scheduled task is suspicious

Most of all the host can set the cron job. Here is the scheduled tasks that you can add to your server. WordPress itself using the cron job to set up the scheduled tasks like publishing the scheduled post, delete the old review from the Recycle Bin, cleaning or periodic data backup database every day

The hacker can exploit the cron job to run the scheduled task on your server without your knowledge

11. The search results are changed

If the search results from major search engines like Google, Bing … show your web page with the title or description is not accurate, then this is a sign that your WordPress site is attacked.

And as to your website then still see never change. Hackers have exploited a loophole to insert malicious code to modify the data of your web site in a way that it only displayed with the search engines. This is the most common sign in last time, when there are so many website display Japanese on the search engines.

12. Weird ads displaying on your Website

The hackers are trying to make money by capturing control of the traffic of your website and show their spam ads for illegal web sites. The popups will usually not visible to the logged in user or the user access to the website directly.

The popups are only shown when the user visits from the search engines and will open in new browser hide under your current browser. And of course, users will hardly detect popups. Even you as admin to access the website from google, if your browser open too many tabs, then you know that popups are coming from the website.



Above is the sum of 12 signs that WordPress Website hacked that anyone using the WordPress platform to do a website all must know.


Redirect after login and logout in WordPress

Today I will share with you a small trick to redirect after login or logout your account. WordPress’s default is after login it will be redirected to the Manage page (Dashboard), and after quit it will return to the login page. We practice together.

Redirect after login or logout

To redirect the home page after login for all user, you add the code below into the functions.php file:

Or you want to redirect users to the home page, and the admin then go to Dashboard: 

Redirect on the current page

Users to your site to find the information they need. Once found, you are required to login to view. Logging is done, you take them back home. Truth is too inconvenient to have to search again. To resolve this problem, follow the instructions below: You add the following code to the place wanted to show the login button:

Similar to where you want to display the button Logout

Also, the code below is to redirect the homepage after logging out:

Add the login button and login on the menu bar

You can replace the primary location with the secondary navigation or the location where you want it to be displayed.

With the above code, for those who have not logged in, it will show the registration and login buttons, for the user to log in and then display the logout button.



Installation direct commentary mode for WordPress

Prior to the main content of the article then please explain a little bit about direct comment mode is like? If you’ve used facebook, must you not at least times comment and you see when you hit submit comment then its contents show consistently without the need to load the page. It is a direct comment mode or live comment.

And for WordPress, the default is to load the page when you submit a comment. This will sometimes cause inhibition of the user due to load both the page and the time that was wasted. So today I will introduce to you the plugin WP Ajaxify Comments.

The main function of this plugin is to switch the default wordpress comment mode to comment directly.The use of this plugin really useful too. Right now I will guide you to install and use the plugin.

This is a free plugin that you can install it right in the  Dashboard

After the installation is complete, you on the Settings > WP Ajaxify Comments to configuration, looking at first glance this plugin actually has a lot of pieces to you customize but with basic needs and do not require advanced configuration, you simply tick select Enable plugin then the record is finished.

The work is very simple, hope this article will help you.