Alarms on Android Phones – Sleep Time

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Sleep Time for Android is a utility that lets users set up alarms on their Android mobile device. The application is capable of performing sleep monitoring and analysis to alert the user at the time of sleep. As a result, you will get rid of discomfort and sleepiness to start work more excitement.



Sleep Time for Android is optimized for phone devices such as the iPhone, Sleep Time Sensor is capable of recording the user’s minimum night activities. Plus, Sleep Time monitors your sleep and wakes you up in 30 minutes. Your sleep is not deep enough to make you feel good and comfortable.

In addition, Sleep Time for Android with this special Sleep Time feature also helps you calculate science to create sophisticated algorithms that help analyze the user’s sleep, thereby giving reminders, reports. at the right time. Besides, this function also supports data backup with detailed graph so you can review the parameters of your sleep.

Sleep Time for Android also has the ability to automatically turn off the screen and save battery. Users are not allowed to lock their phones during sleep so that the program can feel your night activities and wake you up the next morning correctly.

Sleep Time for Android:

– Alarm with sleep time when user sleep is not deep
– Keep track of all your night activities
– Allows you to listen to your calls while Sleep Time is set
– Backup the parameters for review
– Analyze sleep